Friday, December 24, 2010


The Kingsford Smith Airport was crowded, as usual. It was December 21st, just days to Christmas and I think I took the wrong time to have a holiday. Seoul was where I wanted to continue my studies, to be an English teacher who teaches cute little Korean kids. My college in Sydney would be finished in another semester, so Uncle Lee told me to go and check out Korea. And yay! He’s taking care of my budget to travel there. I will be back on the 24th, don’t want to miss Christmas in Sydney.

So there I was at the departure to Seoul gate. Uncle and Auntie Lee, also with their kids, my beloved younger cousins, were there to watch me go.

“Unnie, buy me Teen Top’s album!”

I smiled and brushed D’s hair. “Dee, Teen Top is my generation. Why don’t I buy you GP Basic’s single?”

D laughed and gave me a light punch. “Whatever, I want a guy group.”

I pat her on her head and looked at the others. “What do you guys want?”

The little ones shoved and elbowed each other in order to be the first to tell me what they want for a christmas present. Uncle and Auntie just laughed softly while watching. Then it was finally time to board.

“Oh, gotta get inside the boarding room now, I guess. Uncle, Auntie, kids… See you on Christmas!” I stood up, my high boots were somehow making me unbalanced, but I managed to stay firm.

Auntie stepped forward and hugged me. “Take care, Sunhee.”

Uncle looked at me and smiled. “Have fun! Oh don’t forget the SNSD Christmas mini album I mentioned…”

Auntie hit Uncle quite hard, I nodded and laughed as I walk away while waving at them.

Somehow when I stepped inside the boarding room, I felt nervous as if something was about to go wrong.


Those hours spent in the plane was long enough to make my butt hurt. I slept well, but didn’t wake up well. My neck was sprained. Damn. And when I tried to get my luggage out, it almost fell down and knock a really handsome Korean guy. He helped me in the end but it didn’t wash away the embarrassment. I walked out and reached the place where you’re supposed to give your passport and the scary dude will ask ‘what’s your purpose? Vacation or business?’.

So I stepped into the queue. Didn’t took me long to get to one of the counters. I took out my passport from my handbag, answered a few questions while trying to hold in my laughter, since the dude asked me in English, very very broken English. Guess he didn’t know I was actually Korean, thanks to my blonde hair.

Then I walked to the lobby of the airport. Wow. Incheon looks so much cooler when you look at it live. Not in TVs, nor in brochures. Instead of getting a taxi, I headed for the bus stop. I already checked about cheap motels that are rented near the center of Seoul. I don’t like staying in five-star hotels. I like to keep my money for other things.

I arrived around 4pm. Seoul was already having the Christmas feel. All those lights, cute little Christmas trees and even huge ones in front of mega malls. I wonder how it would be if I spend Christmas here. I took this holiday in a high peak season and I’m still enjoying the 25th in Sydney? Have a break.

I dropped by a seven-eleven before continuing my long road to the motel. Bought hot chocolate and a small piece of brownies to get rid of my nauseous feel from those elite foods on flight. I was actually a bit sleepy, lucky I did survive. Paid the cashier, and went out to just walk to the motel. I’m sure it’s not that far from seven-eleven.

Turns out I was wrong. It was three blocks away, and I arrived being so exhausted. It was just eight when I fell asleep on my bed. Well, better not to waste the 22nd then.


Rise and shine it was my second day in Seoul. Somehow I felt like I was home. It feels home. I got up, washed my face and put on my most simple clothes just to go out and look for breakfast. I saw a little cozy café near the motel when I was on my way last night, planned to order their so called favorite order pancakes.

Wandering around alone wasn’t that bad at all. I decided to hang out to the park for a while before I head back to the motel to get a proper shower. Then I dressed up, wore three layers of clothes and prepared to head out. I grabbed my handbag, stuffed it with my personal things and… wait a minute.

Fuck. Where is my passport?

I remembered I put it in my handbag. Did I bring it out of the airport? Yes. Did I bring it to the motel? Was I holding it? Where did I go before… oh God, seven-eleven!

I quickly went out and locked the door, rushed downstairs and head for the bus stop. Screw the bus, I decided to run, three blocks is nothing if you don’t have your passport with you. I arrived, panting as I entered the shop.

I walked to the cashier. It was this young lady, part timer I guess.

“Excuse me, last night I came here and it seems that I have left my passport. By any chance, did the last shift before you found it?”

The lady asked me a few questions, then went upstairs to.. I don’t know the employees room? She quickly went back to me just to say that they haven’t seen my passport.

Fabulous. I’m stuck in Seoul until I can find my passport. Which is God knows when.

I thanked the cashier and walked outside. Weakly, I sat on the bench near the corner of the store and looked so… pathetic.

Suddenly this guy, a tall, built one sat beside me and handed me a small cup of hot choco.

“Hello, my name is Kevin. You look a bit… are you okay?”

His English was extremely perfect and he had this Australian accent that was so, excuse me but I mean it, sexy. I wondered why he even greeted me with English but then I realized I just re-dyed my hair blonde two weeks ago.

“I’m Sunhee. And I am Korean. And.. I guess I am not that okay,” I said, almost whispering.

This Kevin guy looked as if he knows something. Or maybe it was just me.

“Do you.. mind to share your story?”


Kevin walked me back to the motel. He helped to search around for my passport but we didn’t seem to find it anywhere.

“So you’re staying until the 24th?” he asked, leaning on the wall beside my front door.

At some angle I thought that he was quite distracting.

“Yes. If I get my passport back. If not, well. My first Christmas in Seoul.”

Kevin drew a small smile. “Why don’t you stay until Christmas? It would be great.”

Excuse me, I just knew you today. I scoffed. “I promised to go back to Sydney. My family are..”

“Sydney?” snapped Kevin.


“I grew up there!” he said, his face looks delighted.

I looked at him in awe. “No wonder you got that strong accent. Wow..”

The two of us went silent for a while. Then Kevin reached out for a piece of… card?

“This is my card.. uh.. I was just wondering that we could meet again? To share stories or maybe to find your passport,” he said, awkwardly scratching his head.

I smiled and received the card. “Sounds good. I’ll call you.”


We both walked the streets of Seoul. It was my third day and I can’t stop thinking about my lost passport. Who found it? How am I supposed to go home? What if I can’t go home? Where should I stay? I am so doomed.

“So you stayed with your uncle and aunt, since you started going to college in Sydney?”

Kevin’s hands were tucked inside his jeans. Mine were shivering and I kept rubbing and blowing them together. I never knew Seoul could reach a minus twelve degree Celcius.

“Yeah. And you just moved here around three years ago?” I asked back. I was on his left and when I turned to see him I saw his perfect jawline…

“Exactly. Moved back and didn’t regret at all. Even though I spent my childhood in Sydney, I keep wanting to go back home, to Seoul,” he looked back at me and it made me spontaneously fake a cough. I knew he smiled. “So you have seen the most crowded shopping district here. You’ve bought your Christmas presents for your little cousins. Where do you want to go next?”

“Any suggestions?”

I am pretty sure he whispered. “Anywhere you want to go. As long as you keep me accompanying you.”

“Pardon me?” I stopped. He stopped. We looked at each other.

He did his awkward head –scratch again. “Uhm… Han River?”


It didn’t feel like we have spent hours just chilling by the river, sitting on the soft grass and sharing tons of stories about Sydney and our childhood. It was almost sunset, somehow I didn’t want to head home.

“Enough of the child memories,” said Kevin, trying to stop from the laughter that was made of my stupid story about falling off a bike, and others. “Tell me about you.”

“What do you mean by ‘about you’?” I asked, stretching my legs forward. Gosh it sure hurts if you sit for hours.

Kevin seemed to be so curious, he wanted to know something but doesn’t know how to find out.

“You’re having a holiday here, in Seoul. Alone? I mean where’s your partner,” he said, another awkward face.

“My? Oh… my best friend said she couldn’t accompany me since she’ll be having a family gathering for Christmas eve,” I said, blankly.

“I mean your boyfriend.”

“Wha.. You’re teasing me. I don’t have one!” I looked down to the grass and tidied up my bangs.

I waited for a response but he remained silent. “And you? You keep following me around, aren’t somebody is going to get angry?”

Kevin laughed and looked straight to the river. His eyes were empty. “I never managed to start a relationship.”

I thought I should change the topic. “You know we can talk about other stuffs instead of this.”

“It’s okay. I just never seem to find the right person. My story is boring, let’s just hear yours. And from the looks of it, you seem to talk much so I don’t mind hearing lots of your stories,” he looked at me and smile.

The most sincere smile I have seen. Ever. In my life. For a guy, of course and not blood related.

“I… broke up with Jonghun before I departed to Sydney.”

Kevin kept having his eyes on me. “You sure you wanna listen to this? It’s bad. Boring, and..”

“Seems like you have the urge to tell someone about it. Go on,” he moved to find the best position to listen.


It was supposed to be my last day in Seoul. I packed my stuff and headed out, bringing all my luggage with me. I had breakfast, it was 10am. I locked the door, went downstairs and was effin shocked to see who was at the doorsteps.


“You found your passport?” he was surprised to see me all packed and ready to go somewhere far. He held two cups of hot chocolate.

“Not yet. I want to find it. If I can’t I’ll go to the immigration office or whatever you call it at Incheon and.. I don’t know. Beg for them to let me go home? I mean I got the ticket. It’s just my bloody passport that is missing.”

He looked deep into my eyes as if he was telling me to calm down and take it easily since it’s still morning.

I took a deep breath and let out a sigh. “Is that cup for me?”


“Sir, I need to go back to Sydney by tonight. I got the tickets, I have to go! I don’t know where my passport is, I lost it. Can’t I just show you my ID, and go home?”

“I’m sorry, Ma’am you can’t go overseas without your passport.”

“Aw come on. I need to be there. It’s Christmas Eve! What do you think I should do, sit back at Han River and watch candlelights???” I went frustrated and I almost pulled all my hair off.

“That would be a good idea, Ma’am. Merry Christmas, we will try to find your passport and contact you later, but there is no way it could be found tonight. Not even tomorrow on Christmas. So I guess you must wait and spend Christmas here,” said the immigration dude who looks young in his thirties but annoying at the same time.

Kevin tapped my shoulder and shrugged.

“Okay. I’ll wait for a call. But make sure I don’t stay here in Korea until New Year!”

I walked out to the Incheon lobby with Kevin following me from behind.

“So what’s your plan?” asked Kevin, carefully.

I looked at him in a way that he could see my face was full of despair. “I don’t know. I checked out of the motel already, too confident that I would go home today.”

“Would you be bored if I take you around again?” he asked again. He looked like he was hoping.

I actually didn’t mind to spend another day with him. In fact, I enjoyed my days with Kevin. He made my days in Seoul quite fun, even though I lost my passport. He managed to make me forget about it though.

“I was hoping you would ask,” I looked at him.

Kevin smiled. “Very well then, Miss Song. Where should I take you…”


In the end, I had to spend Christmas eve in Seoul. I called Uncle and Auntie Lee, luckily they didn’t get mad at me or nagged. They kinda felt… sorry? And told me to take care and come home whenever my passport is found.

Kevin took me around Seoul. This time, I really mean it. AROUND Seoul. Thank God I wore Converse instead of my Mango heels. It was 10.10pm. I looked at the digital clock on a building.

“Quick, Sunhee, make a wish!” Kevin elbowed me and closed his eyes.

Just when I was about to do the same, the clock striked 10.11.

“Damn I missed it,” I said, still looking at the clock.

“Don’t worry, I managed to make a wish,” he looked at me with this suspicious smile.

“What did you wish for?” I asked, curiously.

Kevin shrugged and started to walk. “You’ll find out later.”

I hate when somebody hides something from me. I was so curious but I don’t know how Kevin kept me away from knowing his wish.

“So how do you feel spending the night of 24th here?” he asked. He led us to a bench in front of a fountain. Lights were surrounding us, it was damn cold. He wiped the bench before he let me sit on it.

“It feels great. It could be even more better if only my passport wasn’t missing,” I sighed and leaned back on the bench.

Kevin looked up to the lights. “But if your passport wasn’t missing, you won’t be here now.”


“You’re right. I wouldn’t have met you either,” I looked at him and almost jumped a step back because our faces were so close. I looked at the fountain.

“Did you regret it?” he asked carefully.

I shook my head. “I learned not to regret anything. Auntie Lee taught me. She said everything happens for a reason. Maybe the reason my passport was lost is.. so I could meet you? Haha,” I was actually teasing but telling the truth. Deep inside I wish he knew.

Kevin smiled and looked guilty. “Oh, Sunhee. You have no idea how you will hate me by the time the clock strikes twelve.”


“While we wait for it, would you mind if I.. can I.. hold your hand?”

It was cold. Damn cold. In fact I was shivering. I didn’t say anything when Kevin took my right hand, blew it, and tucked it inside his jacket. I hesitantly moved closer to him.

That one hour of silence actually explains a lot to me. We heard people chattering around us. Kids playing by the fountain. The choir singing Silent Night. Kevin’s scent made me feel safe and home. He was warm, and I couldn’t remember whether I fell asleep on his shoulder or not. I just felt that one hour went too fast.

The clock finally strikes twelve. I woke up and.. oh right I did fell asleep. I had this dream where some sort of prince ran his fingers through my hair and kissed my forehead. I knew I read too much fairytales, and watch too much Barbie movies.

Then I just realized that I was leaning to Kevin. My hand was still in his jacket. My other hand was being held by him. Suddenly I felt like my heart was pounding and it was beating so hard I was sure it could fall off anytime.

“You slept so sound. I couldn’t bear to wake you up even though my shoulder was hurting,” he teased and laughed.

“Ah, sorry. Sorry, you should have woken me up! What time is it…”

“Twelve past one. Merry Christmas, Sunhee,” he looked at me.

Maybe I was still sleepy. He moved his face close to mine. I was scared something unexpected was going to happen. But then he blew my bangs and chuckled.

“Didn’t you realize it’s snowing? Stand up or we will both freeze to death,” he laughed while helping me to get up.

It was snowing, but it felt warm. The lights seemed prettier than when I first saw them. I saw this bunch of guys – they sort of look like a boy band - standing near the fountain, singing a song that they presented to all the crowds. The lyrics were undeniably beautiful.

Every time that you’re around

You make me feel so good inside

It’s true to my soul

Every time that I’m away

I can’t wait to see your face again

Deformed to you I am

Without you I’m so lost

No matter what you hear or say

My heart is yours and that won’t change at all

I know you feel the same as I

You’re the butterfly with perfect wings

And you’re my angel

My only wish was you

It too good to be true

I’m leaking out in paradise

It’s Christmas time

Oh I never been so alive

Hold me in your arms tonight

It’s Christmas time oh yea

I looked at Kevin. He waved at one of the guys in that group when the song finished. This tall guy walked over to us and gave Kevin a high five.

“Those lyrics were so meaningful, thanks for writing it for us, buddy!” he said.

“You wrote the lyrics?” I looked at Kevin with my eyes widening. Kevin just smiled and nodded.

The tall guy looked at me and smirked. “So you’ve found this butterfly with perfect wings? Why hello there, Lady. My name is Hyungshik.”

It never felt cold since then. I blushed, I could even see my cheeks started turning red at my reflection on the water.

“Buzz off, dude!” said Kevin. Hyungshik walked away still laughing and telling his other friends about it.

“Sorry, he’s always like that,” Kevin looked at me and finally realized we were still holding hands the whole time. “Sorry… again.”

I looked down and smiled. “You know I think I should head back to the motel and stay for another night until tomorrow. Perhaps to find my passport again.”

Kevin shrugged and scratched his head again. “I’ll walk you back then.”

“I don’t think so,” I looked around. The crowd made me feel safe. “I mean, I can walk myself to the motel. You just enjoy yourself, you don’t look sleepy at all.”

Kevin seemed to have something he wanted to say. “Sunhee, I…”

I stepped forward, tiptoed and landed a kiss on his cheek. “Thank you for today. Happy Christmas.”


25th December and I woke up at nine in the morning. Just WTF. My breakfast time is 7.30 and I slept like a pig. I wonder why I…

I got up from my bed and saw a little box in front of the door. It was black, tied with a gold bow. A small card was stick onto it. I walked over and picked up the box. Before I opened it, I read the card.


Last night was probably the best Christmas eve I had, ever in my life. I’m glad I met you. I’m glad you never refuse when I ask you to go around town. I was definitely glad about what happened last night. But I also want to apologize to you…

That night when you arrived in Seoul, you stepped into seven-eleven. I wanted to greet you that time, but I didn’t have the chance since you were in a hurry, you left your passport on the cashier’s desk. I took it and purposely told the cashier not to say anything about it. That’s why I knew you would come back in the morning.

I kept your passport. I was actually going to return it to you the moment I met you that morning. But I selfishly hid it from you, just so I can talk to you. I wanted to return it the day after, but the more I keep seeing you, the more I don’t want to see you go home. Until we spent the eve together. I figured I should return it to you since you gave me the chance to feel a beautiful eve.

So, sorry again. I wish you have a safe flight back to Sydney.

P.S. : I can’t find the exact words to say this but… saranghae.

I opened the box and found my passport in it. All safe and undamaged. I immediately thought that I could go back home at that exact hour. I grabbed my coat and ran outside the motel.

I have to find him. I need to find him.

He was nowhere to be found at the doorsteps. I ran to seven-eleven, hoping he would be there sitting at the bench, holding another cup of hot chocolate for me. But, no. He wasn’t there either.

I was too tired to look around again. I slipped my hand into my pocket to reach for my phone and call him. Damn, I left my phone at the motel.

“Come on, think, Sunhee!” unconsciously I got mad at myself. I ruffled my hair, still holding my passport and Kevin’s card in my left hand.

“Christmas eve. The lights..”

I walked here and there trying to figure out where on earth could he be. I saw a little girl walking in front of me, splashing on a puddle and making me wet.

“The fountain…”

I didn’t have time to wait at the bus stop and catch a bus. I walked. I ran. As I arrived at the fountain, the park was even more crowded than last night.

“Shit how am I supposed to find…. Him..”

I caught a familiar look at the bench. I rushed and walked towards him.


Kevin turned and stood up. “Sunhee, how…”

It didn’t take me a hard time to shut him up. I hugged him before he could even say another word.

“Thanks for keeping my passport,” I said in a low voice, not letting him go.

I could feel him hugging me back. “I.. thought you’re going to be furious..”

“Thanks for last night,” I continued. “Stop talking, I’m not finished yet.”

Kevin made a soft laugh.

“And thanks for the cute little letter card. But I want to hear it directly from you,” I finally let go of him.

He looked confused. No, he pretended to look confused. “Hear what?”

“Stop pretending before I change my mind and go home right now,” I demanded.

Kevin messed up his hair and laughed. “Okay, okay. Don’t go. Saranghae.”

“You sound like you’re forced to say it.”

“You are forcing me!” he defended himself. I raise an eyebrow. He smiled and pulled me back in his arms. “Song Sunhee, saranghaeyo!”

I smiled in his shoulder. “Nado.”

“You do too?!” he pulled me away and had his hands on both of my shoulders which kinda hurt.

I shrugged. He landed a kiss on my forehead.

“I feel like my dream is coming true,” I said to him.

“Well that night you weren’t dreaming.”

I made a frown. “You… you don’t look like a prince charming.”

“You don’t look like a gorgeous princess either.”

We looked at each other for a second, and burst out laughing.

“Hey what was your wish that night?” I asked, curiously.

Kevin grabbed my hand and slipped it into his jacket pocket. We walked to the streets.

“Hmm I wished that I would have the courage to confess to you. That you wouldn’t be angry. That you would feel the same way,” he said, calmly.

“Only that?” I kept looking at him.

“Well there was one more..”

I waited for him to continue.

“I wish you would stay with me instead of going back to Sydney. And I know that wish wouldn’t be granted coz you will be going home anyway..” said Kevin in a sad voice.

“True that,” I replied. Now his face looks sad. “But we can make a different happy ending.”

Kevin looked at me with a what-do-you-mean face.

“Pack your luggage and come with me to Sydney. I’ll finish my college, THEN we would stay in Seoul.”

Kevin looked at me again, this time in disbelief.

“What? Want to come with me or not?” I asked.

The next thing I know I was already in his arms. Kevin was carrying me all the way back to the motel. It was sure the best Christmas that has happened so far AND I got the best Christmas gift, ever.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Sweet. Lovely. Makes everyone jealous.
These words are just a few ways to describe the sweetest couple in this world. Most probably this story.
Choi Minho, captain of the soccer club. Star of the class. Every girl’s ideal guy.
Jung Jihee, the soft hearted one. Angelic attitude and bubbly personality.
Don’t be envious, don’t get jealous.
They are a match made in heaven.

Fun. Devoted. Passionate.
Kim Jonghyun, Shinhuahua's number one singer. Playful boy but not playboy.
Han Daehee, Seoul's best dancer. Straightforward, charming and full of spirit.
When singer Kim Jonghyun met dancer Han Daehee, the world is no longer crowded for them. Having a relationship that lasts over than 2 years, seems like they never have any problems coming through.
They do face trouble, they get into fights. In the end their strong bonds between each other, brings them back together.
Want to see any eye candy for couples that do PDA? Find them :3

Loud. Chaotic. Sincere.
Kim Kevin, the school's favorite handy-guy. Stiff and has a screw loose.
Song Sunhee, supermodel. Guy's favorite sightseeing girl and teacher's favorite clever student.
Starting as best friends, Kim Kevin and Song Sunhee felt the goods and bads together. Their home is Australia, having their childhood built there.
Whenever Sunhee felt blue, Kevin was there. When Sunhee broke up, Kevin was… still there. He made a commitment, and promised himself that he wouldn’t make any other guy make Sunhee cry.
Their friendship-like relationship makes people confused, envious at the same time. They make people turn their heads, shushing them, by creating chaos wherever they went. Though they are loud, people never know how sincere are their feelings towards each other.